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Dec 10, 2021

Which kinds of marketing are poised to have the greatest impact in 2022? That's the main question we'll tackle in this month's meeting.


• Client testimonials. Most of you can use these now, but how to find and gather them?

• Video has been king for a while now when it comes to attracting and keeping...

Dec 2, 2021

• Beyond the COLA: What else is there to know about Social Security in addition to the 5.9% jump in benefits?

• The latest Social Security proposals in Congress: What are they? will they pass? What happens then?

• 14.5% jump in Medicare premiums: Why did this happen and what does it mean?

• Life-changing...

Oct 24, 2019

We have so much stuff! Your clients and their aging parents can be burdened by the process of downsizing. Learn from relocation and organization expert, Sharon McRill as she talks with Ellen Rogin about how to be smart in the process and be a hero to your clients. In this show we talk about hot to figure out what how to...

Jul 2, 2019

Debra Poneman has trained many of the most influential, transformational leaders in the world. Learn from her what “relationship capital” is and how to use it to build your business, the importance of visualizing your goals and when to say “That’s for me!” to get what you picture more quickly, and what not to...